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Alycat is a powerful, feature-rich program to run radio controlled racing meetings, and to look after all of the associated point scores, track records, database of members, etc, etc. It is used (in alphabetical order) in Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, U.K. and U.S.A.
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NOTE: we do NOT have cut-down versions, or "pro" versions, etc. ALL features are included.
  • as many drivers as you want
  • transponder support (for multiple types of decoders) for both club transponders and personals, also multiple sector display with two decoders
  • An Online Entries System to allow your drivers to enter online, and then import into Alycat.
  • Extensive membership record maintenance
  • Internal database for storing previous races and drivers, also program can be run in database maintence mode for other officials to maintain say memberships
  • Qualifying by best laps/times,combined results on points or distance, fastest lap(s) qualifying
  • Drivers can receive results, etc via email during meetings
  • Races by time or laps, races can be paused and restarted, race order fully configurable, races can be run in some rounds and not others, normal Finals mode, Bump up finals, Rounds (no finals)
  • Open Practice, just drive a car over the loop
  • Controlled Practice, for sanctioned events, where drivers run in the groups for racing, and can be sorted for qualifying starts
  • Multiple finals, with automatic calculation of combined results on various methods and various tie breaks
  • Two day events
  • Master/Slave support to run two computers, two decoders, with automatic copying of files between computers
  • Race display includes laps completed, time, estimated finishing laps/time, last lap, best lap, estimated position on currentlap, laps can be added or subtracted during races
  • Meetings can be fully automated
  • In race results, laps can be added or subtracted, a driver disqualified, laps split.
  • Full Text To Speech to call drivers, races by actual names
  • Extensive automatic Text To Speech announcements, race, grids, call marshals, position and results during races, etc, etc.
  • Multiple screen support, with configurable data on each - a "cut down screen" with less features so large font can be used - have a monitor in lieu of scoreboard, have a monitor in the pit area, one in scrutineering, etc.
  • Dedicated screen to display the current qualifying list for a class, updated during races with each drivers' estimated laps/times. During multiple finals, the overall combined result of finals is displayed.
  • Transponder Emulation: allows test meetings to be run with no decoder nor transponders - can be used to test a particular meeting setup, to train new users, etc. Automatically picks up transponder numbers from entries, drivers can be set to have different lap times, different variations in lap times, stop part way through, etc.
  • No back-end database (e.g. My-SQL), program is native Windows executable.
  • There is an Alycat forum, to discuss matters with other Alycat users or to request help or to suggest enhancements. Help is available via mobile phone, the forum or via email.
  • There is a demo version with all features enabled, or a no time-limited lite version, with which you can run actual race meetings - none of this "try for 21 days and then have to buy"!

Alycat uses and recommends UnderstandableIT for all database and forum support.
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Alycat Software does not sell nor service transponders - we only sell software, hence the name Alycat Software... (to purchase transponders MyLaps)
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