Closing down
Please read carefully and completely - there are important points below.
As mentioned previously the Alycat server is being closed down. What this means for for users is:
  • Existing versions will no longer be able to validate and thus will stop running. A number of users wish to continue using Alycat, so Alycat 2018.2 is available (below) - it runs on 2018.1 registration code. It does not require validation. There is also a 9.5 version.
  • Online Entries for Drivers (OED) will no longer be available via the Alycat server. Log files will not be able to be uploaded.

Localised OED - will run OED on your club's server.
Stage 1 of 3:
Download to your computer, unzip it, upload OED.php to the root directory on your server (/public_html). Then create a dir called AlycatOED under /public_html and copy the remaining files there.
To use, go to [cluburl]>/OED.php.
NOTE that Unix is case sensitive.

Stage 2 of 3:
Download OES, from Online Entries Setup (Local) 5.2.8 15th Aug 2018 and install as usual. When run, on the front screen, enter your club's FTP server URL, the FTP username and FTP password.

Stage 3 of 3:
Alycat 2018.2 will import online entries from the local club server.
Closing Down Sale
(software only, no support licence):
Initial purchase: $225 US
Upgrades: 9.5 to 2018.1:$99US
To purchase:
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