Alycat Upgrade History

Version 2018.2

Build 17
33 Bug Fix 2018.2 is designed to run on 2018.1 registration info - it does this by merely changing the version number when checking stored registration code. However, on a new install a different routine was used and this had not been changed.
Build 17
32 Enhancement Fix Refer to #30, problem with multiple rounds with same points.
Build 16
31 Enhancement Fix Refer to #30, problem with multiple rounds with same points.
Build 15
30 Enhancement Yet another tie-break method - support for IFMAR/AARCMCC On Road rule.
Build 14
29 Enhancement Built as release build.
Build 13
28 Bug Fix Due to changes to have Quick Transponder Test support Controlled Practice, calling of drivers in Quick Transponder Test was calling incorrect drivers if club transponders are in use.
Build 12
27 Bug Fix Refer to #2018.2-20 and earlier - changes caused searching for a driver using Quick Driver Entry to not work.
Build 11
26 Enhancement Fix Treasurer's Report: refer to #6 - unpaid amount split into unallocated and unpaid depending on whether the driver was marked as paid or owing.
Build 10
25 Bug Fix Refer to #2018.1-28,where, if a Controlled Practice is selected in Setup Meeting, the Driver Entry tab was changed to being left visible and if selected when a Controlled Practice session is selected a message is now displayed rather than driver data - In 2018.2 build 19 some controls were moved on the screen and this was not working.
Build 9
24 Enhancement Fix Treasurer's Report: refer to #6 - problem with "Entry Paid By" is if a driver pays initially by say PayPal and then pays more (e.g. for Misc) by cash. "Entry Paid By" now replaced by separate fields for Cash, PayPal, Bank deposit, with an unpaid amount calculated. "Entry Paid By" values are used when loading old entries to auto set up these new fields.
23 Bug Fix The AARCMCC tie break - well the latest : - had a logic fault when calculating each driver's highest counting points.
22 Bug Fix Refer to #19 - found whilst fixing this is the fact that some (but only a minority) of log files show blank speech text for calling flags/numbers. Found in log files back to 9.5 (oldest files found here) so the cause was old but not discovered. The routine to auto update items, etc when the program loads now checks for blank speech text and offers to reset values if blank.
21 Bug Fix Extremely longstanding problem, never reported here - if Setup Meeting screen is open, a Database Combobox component is focused (the drop down lists that allow users to select a driver or race from the Database, the list is dropped down but no item selected, and Rollback is clicked, the program looped.
20 Bug Fix Extremely longstanding problem, never reported here - if Setup Meeting screen is open, and the search for a driver in entries is used, and Setup Meeting is exited and re-entered and the search repeated, the program could crash.
19 Bug Fix The (newish) option to spread Staggered Start drivers equally when called did not support calling drivers by flags, i.e. when calling by name was switched off.
18 Bug Fix In Setup Meetings, the (newish) option to spread Staggered Start either over an entered value or space drivers equally, it was possible to change the setting for one group (it is a Class Wide setting) but the value in other groups was not changed.
17 Bug Fix In Preferences, where Flags/Numbers are set, one extra line of values were being displayed, e.g. max drivers set to 10, 11 values were displayed - almost just cosmentic.
16 Enhancement Fix Due to recent changes to the Treasurer's Report to include support for payment method (Cash, PayPal, etc) using "Edit Treasurer's Report" corrupted the report.
Build 8
15 Bug Fix Refer to Change #2018.1-115, and #2018.2-11, where a change was made to the Database Combobox component - problem with entering a new (not in Database) driver. Also, if a partial name entered and a driver selected, clicking on another driver (with a full name entered) and using down arrow could change that driver's name.
Build 7
14 Enhancement Treasurer's Report: minor format changes.
Build 6
13 Enhancement Treasurer's Report: Printout moved across to place in centre of output.
12 Enhancement Fix Check for Upgrades routines: these were called at program boot and also by the Tools-Check for Upgrades. The one at boot time set a flag so that the Tools one could not be called until the boot one finished. With the removal of the checking at boot time the flag was never reset, so the one in Tools could not be called. Fixed, but builds 1 to 5 cannot upgrade via the program.
Build 5
11 Bug Fix Refer to Change #2018.1-115, where a change was made to the Database Combobox component - this could cause the component to resize to a small height - well, it did says dangerous change :(
Build 4
10 Enhancement Treasurer's Report: Totals of Entry Paid By at end of report.
9 Enhancement Treasurer's Report: size of columns reduced to fit output better across the printed page.
Build 3
8 Enhancement Fix Treasurer's Report: problem with existing meetings and entry paid by values not correct - worked for new meetings (in 2018.2.2 or later).
7 Enhancement Fix Printing of Treasurer's Report: problem with drivers with entry paid value of Bank Deposit not showing.
Build 2
6 Enhancement Printing of Treasurer's Report now supports "Entry Paid By".
5 Enhancement Changes to setup drivers tab in setup meetings to allow users to select, for each driver "Entry Paid By", which can be Not Paid, Cash, Direct Deposit or PayPal.
4 Enhancement New data field added to driver data structure to hold "Entry Paid By", and data saved to entry data and reloaded.
3 Bug Fix Refer to Change #2018.1-57, where a change was made to the routine to update the current qualifying list screen because of crash if Controlled Practice in use. This change could stop the qualifying list being updated when race changes, etc.
2 Enhancement Fix Refer to Change #1, program crashed at end of a race/practice because some data not set up because of the removal of validation.
Build 1
1 Enhancement Ahead of winding down the Alycat server, uploading of log files removed, validation at boot time removed, and importing of online entries changed to download from a club local server.